Fire Entertainers

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Are you looking to light up your event and be captivated by dazzling fire shows? Our solo fire displays are perfect for events, private parties or wedding receptions. Our solo fire shows range from 15 – 25 minutes and utilize a range of fire skills. Our fire performers will adapt their show perfectly to your event to make sure the show is personal for you and your guests.

Some of the fire skills included in your show range from fire flower sticks, fire fans, fire levi stick (a stick on a string that gives the illusion of floating in mid-air around the body), fire eating, fire breathing, fire poi, body burning, and many other tricks.

Burn time on a wick is 15 minutes.

Fire Entertainers require a space with approx. 5m clearance on all sides, with nothing hanging overhead.

Important: Please confirm with your event venue that they will permit fire show entertainment. It is the client’s responsibility to provide a suitable venue for entertainment.

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