Art Workshop

Art workshop for kids in London

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Get ready for hands-on, creative and crafty fun with JoJoFun’s Art Workshops!

Guided by a professional workshop leader, kids will create their own works of art with a range of paints and materials from pipe cleaners to feathers(!), bringing out their natural creativity and producing a project they’re sure to be proud of!

Perfect for schools, corporate events, and community celebrations, why not book your very own funtabulous art workshop now in London.

We offer three art workshops for children:


Our art workshop leader guides the children in producing dazzling mosaic designs. The children draw their designs on different wooden shapes, working with glue and colourful mosaic tiles to produce their own masterpiece.

  • Ages 4-8: Including one wooden shape dinosaur, star or heart and a selection of small mosaic pieces which do not require cutting. Duration: 2 hours (1-hour workshop including 1 hour to set up & pack up).
  • Ages 9+: Including one wooden shape square 30cm x 30cm and mirror or heart/butterfly shape and a selection of colourful mosaic pieces. Duration: 2:15 hours (including 1 hour to set up & pack up).
  • Both workshops suitable for up to 12 children.

Junk Jewellery Making

In this workshop, kids make ancestral jewellery from mixed scrap materials. Who says jewellery is just for girls! In many cultures, precious artistic pieces were worn by men as a part of their traditional ceremonies.

The children will make beautiful neck adornments from mixed media onto memory-wire, building up the components one by one and producing wonderful colourful jewellery.

  • Recommended for ages 5 and up. However if parents join in to provide assistance, their younger children could participate.
  • 2 hours including preparation and clean-up.
  • 15 children max.

Creature Canvas Creation

Children will love designing a funky monster on canvas! Build your 3D monster by gluing, taping, twisting, and rolling. Watch your creation come alive after painting and adding Razzel Dazzel … and then create a story about where your monster comes from – maybe he is from the Nebula Galaxy!

  • All materials are included.
  • 2 hours including preparation and clean-up.
  • 15 children max.

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