Slushy Machine Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Slushy Machine Risk Assessment
Hazard People at risk Action taken Notes
Slipping over spilt product Operator, client, and visitors Operator to clean up spillages immediately The operator will keep an eye out for spillages and have cleaning materials to hand (e.g. wipes)
Tripping over cables and equipment Operator, client, and visitors Cables to be kept off of footpaths and will be taped down/secured if placed where people walk  
Injury from lifting equipment Operator Operator will only lift equipment they are able to without straining. Correct lifting procedure will be followed  
Injury from equipment when in use Operator, client, and visitors Only the operator may use the equipment. Operator checks equipment is working and secured in place before use. Visitors and client must not get close to the equipment while it is in use. Visitors wearing scarves or other items that can get caught in the machinery must allow more space between them and the equipment  
Injury from falling equipment Operator, client, and visitors Equipment to be secured in place and not stacked too high or off balance  
Electrocution Operator, client, and visitors Only trained JoJoFun operator may operate the machinery. Electrical equipment to be inspected for faults regularly. Electrical equipment not to be placed on wet surfaces or uncovered in wet weather. Drinks to be kept away from electrical equipment. Cables to be covered and secured in place Client is responsible for faults with the electrical sockets/wiring/fusebox at the venue (and any damage that occurs as a result of such a fault) and is advised to check they are operational before use
Injury from overheating/fire Operator, client, and visitors Operator to use equipment at recommended temperatures only. Client and visitors may not touch the equipment. Equipment is not to be left unattended.  
Injury from vibrations causing equipment to fall Operator, client, and visitors Machine to be run on a level and solid surface. Objects that would be dangerous when falling (e.g. metal objects) to be removed from machine surface before turning the machine on. Visitors always to allow safe space between themselves and the machine  
Food poisoning Client and visitors Equipment will be cleaned and basic hygiene protocols followed (e.g. washing hands before use)  
Food hazards such as allergy or choking Client and visitors Children with allergy to ingredients must not drink slushy Parents are expected to supervise their children when drinking slushies and are responsible for what their child consumes
Burns from touching machinery Operator, client, and visitors Only JoJoFun Operator may touch and operate the machinery The operator is fully trained in safe operation of the machine
Hazards from enclosed or uneven space (overcrowding, toppling equipment, etc.) Operator, client, and visitors Client is to provide a level surface to set up the cart on and ensure there is sufficient space for at least a 2-foot zone around the cart This zone may change depending on the size of the machine and demands of the event, it is advised therefore that the client check with the operator prior to the event about the space required
Slushy Method Statement
Operation Equipment and materials Method
Set up, usage, and pack down Slushy machine, electrical cable, utensils for slushy preparation and consumption. Slushy machine and equipment (ingredients, utensils, etc.) are transported by the operator to the area designated by the client. The electrical cable is taped down/otherwise secured in a place where it is unlikely to be tripped over. Slushy ingredients, cups and straws are set out on table. Slushy is made by the operator using the standard procedure according to the design of the machine, and only with ingredients that the operator has provided. he operator wears disposable gloves or washes hands frequently while preparing slushy. Visitors form orderly queues in an open space provided by the client (i.e. not in enclosed areas that are fire hazards). When the slushy is ready to consume, the operator hands it to the visitor at the front of the queue. The operator keeps working surfaces and
utensils clean during use as required, e.g. with spray cleaner and wipes. After use, the operator disposes of all rubbish, cleans and packs equipment into its containers, closes machine (if applicable), folds table (if applicable) and transports them off the premises