Stilt Walker Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Injury from falling from stiltsService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider is fully trained in how to safely dismount the stilts in the event of losing balance. Service provider informs visitors to keep a safe distance in this instance.Stilts equipment only to be used by JoJoFun professionals
Injury from tripping/slipping over while on StiltsService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider undertakes stilt walking in the designated area that has been pre-checked by them for potential hazards. Service provider does not undertake stilt walking in wet or slippy weather conditions. Service provider remains vigilant of any potential hazards throughout stilt walking activity. Client alerts the Service provider in the event of hazards (e.g. a drink is spilt)While some interaction between Service provider and visitors occurs with Stilt Walking professionals, it is advised the Client makes sure the visitors are respectful of the precarious position the Service provider is in and do not push or distract the Service provider
Injury from falling from loose stiltsService provider, Client, VisitorsStilt walker immediately sits down and tightens loose stilts
Injury from falling from stilts due to costume getting caught in themService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider wears suitable costume that does not have loose appendages that may get caught in stilts mechanism
Injury from equipment failure (falling from defective stilts, cutting on sharp break points in stilts)Service provider, Client, VisitorsService provider performs visual check before using the stilts. Service provider is fully trained in how to safely dismount the stilts in the event that they begin to fail. Service provider uses professional-grade equipment
Injury from losing balance and falling due to lights glareService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider checks the performance space before performing for bright lights and lasers (e.g. from a disco). Service provider understands how to stop and if necessary dismount the stilts in the case of being dazzled by bright lights. Visitors must not shine lasers or other lights at the Service provider
Injury from collision with overhead objects (lights, beams, etc.)Service providerService provider checks the performance space before performing for overhead obstacles and avoids them during performance
Injury from visitors walking into Service providersService provider, Client, VisitorsPerformers wear bright costumes to capture attention of visitors. Service provider will audibly guide visitors to keep their distance if necessary
Bruising and friction from overuse or improper use of stilts equipmentService providerService provider only undertakes stilt walking activities for the duration they are booked for. Service provider only undertakes stilt-walking durations they are physically able to provide without injury. Service provider takes breaks at designated times
Injury from improper use of stiltsService provider, Client, VisitorsStilts equipment only to be used by JoJoFun professionals