Puppet Theatre Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Bumps and knocks when setting up or dismantling the showPublicKeep the public away from the show location when setting up and dismantlingVenue could dedicate an area to the show so the theatre space is delineated
Tripping and fallingPublic and entertainersKeep area tidy. Store boxes and bags neatly without risk of them falling. Keep walk ways clear. Do not lay cable in walk ways unless covered or taped downVenue must ensure the electrical supply is safe
ElectrocutionPublic and entertainersUse battery-powered pa where possible. Do not use mains electricity in wet conditions. Ensure RCD’s are in place. Ensure portable electrical equipment is in working condition. Carry out visual checks before use
Falling objectsPublic and entertainersSet up theatre on a flat surface. Ensure all connections in theatre framework are secure. Ensure woodwork is secure. Keep audience at least 2 metres away from the theatre