Mascot Risk Assessment

Hazard People at risk Action taken Notes
Upset Public Mascot performer must never take off their mask/helmet in front of the children Many children at the event will believe that the mascot performer is truly the character they are performing as, and so it is important to maintain this illusion. The mascot mask/helmet must only be removed in an emergency situation
Tripping, slipping and falling Public and mascot performer Keep area tidy. Do not lay cable in walk ways unless covered or taped down. Do not perform on slippy surfaces. Do not perform where there are objects to trip over Event organiser must ensure there is a dedicated, safe space for mascots to perform in
Overheating Mascot performer Mascot performers should be provided with a private space in which they can take the mascot costume off in the event of overheating. Water must be made available for performers at all times. Venues should be well ventilated and have air conditioning  
Moving vehicles Public and mascot performer Mascot performance must never take place in a car park or near roads or driveways  
Drowning Mascot performer Mascot performers must never perform near open water, such as swimming pools and ponds Event organiser must provide a performance space that is not located near open water
Falling down stairs Mascot performer Mascot performer must not perform near or on stairs Event organiser must provide a performance space that is not near stairs, and does not require the mascot enters or leaves the space using stairs
Burns Mascot performer and public Mascot performer must never perform near an open flame. Mascot performer must never hold the birthday cake  
Physical injury due to mascot tripping over or bumping into people Public and mascot performer Mascot to be given adequate space to perform. Public to stay in front of the mascot in sight Visibility in mascot costumes is poor and so we advise responsible adults to make sure their children do not surprise the mascot performer by standing behind them, sneaking up on them, etc.
Skin irritation Mascot performer People with skin that is sensitive to the costume materials must not wear the costume  
Neck and back pain Mascot performer People with neck and back injuries must not perform as mascots, unless a medical professional advises it is safe. Mascot performers who suffer injuries during performance must stop performing and seek medical attention immediately It is the responsibility of the mascot performer to report their physical ability or inability to perform as a mascot