Fire Entertainment Risk Assessment

Hazard People at risk Action taken Notes
Injury due to inadequate performance space (eg space too small, overhead obstructions, slippery floor, etc.) Performer and Public Fire Entertainers must perform outdoors in a sufficiently large space. If indoors, the Event Organiser must provide a performance space known to be safe. Fire Entertainers must perform on a non-potentially-slippery surface Fire Entertainers must stop their performance if unsure that the space they are performing in is safe
Injury due to public interference Performer and Public Public must remain at a safe distance. The performance space must have barriers to prevent public encroachment on the area, or else the audience must be informed that they remain in a specific area Fire Entertainer and Event Organiser must be constantly aware of the public incase they encroach on the performance space. Event Organiser must make sure all children present are with a responsible adult
Injury due to weather-related hazards (eg fire props slip from hands in rainy conditions) Performer and Public Fire Entertainer must check weather conditions are safe for Fire Entertainment before performing and stop entertainment if weather conditions become hazardous during performance
Injury due to improper costume, hair, or makeup Performer Fire Entertainers must wear clothing suitable for unrestricted movement. Fire Entertainers must wear non flammable costumes and make up. Fire Entertainers must keep hair away from the front of their face
Injury from prop slipping or falling Performer and Public Public must remain at a safe distance. Fire Entertainer must be sure no flammable materials are within the performance space
Injury due to accidental fire Performer and Public Public must stay at a safe distance with a clear exit in the event of fire. Event Organiser must ensure that fire extinguishers are within easy reach. Fire Entertainer must be certain the performance space is safe for Fire Performance. Fire Entertainer must thoroughly extinguish all props after use. Fire Entertainer must keep props and fuel not in use outside of the performance area