Disco DJ Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Disco DJ Risk Assessment
HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Injury while lifting, carrying, or setting up equipmentService provider, Client, VisitorsEquipment carried in managable amounts (multiple trips taken if necessary). Equipment lifted with correct posture. Trolleys used if necessary. Step ladders used if necessaryEquipment only to be carried by JoJoFun professionals
Risk of strangulation with wiresService provider, Client, VisitorsWires to be covered (e.g. with tape) or secured in places where people do not pass through
TrippingService provider, Client, VisitorsWires to be covered (e.g. with tape) or secured in places where people do not pass through. Equipment to be kept clear of pathways. Adequate space for equipment to be provided to Service provider by Client
Electric shock and fireService provider, Client, VisitorsRegular visual inspection performed by Service provider. No liquids to be allowed near electrical equipment
Injury from falling equipmentService provider, Client, VisitorsEquipment to be set up by Service provider, ensuring it is secure and using clamps when necessary. Adequate space provided between the disco/DJ equipment and Visitors
Burns from hot equipmentService provider, Client, VisitorsHot equipment to be kept out of reach/away from visitors. Equipment to be given time to cool down after use before being transported or replaced
Injury due to noiseService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider to where ear plugs if necessary. Volume of equipment to be kept within a reasonable range
Strobe lights causing sickness/seizuresService provider, Client, VisitorsService provider is aware of correct, safe use of strobe lighting. Client to perform warning announcements if necessary
Disco DJ Method Statement
OperationEquipment and materialsMethod
DJ Disco setting up, performance, and dismantlingDJ lights, sound deck, microphone, speakers/amplifiers, wiresPrior to the arrival of visitors, the equipment and materials are transported by the Service Provider to the space designated by the Client for the DJ Disco to take place. Equipment is set up by the Service Provider following safety protocols, E.G.: equipment is secured in space, loose wires taped down, hot equipment kept out of reach of visitors, electrical equipment kept clear of liquids, sound levels of speakers/amplifiers set to a range that is not harmful. At the agreed upon start time, the DJ proceeds with the act/DJ set agreed between the Service Provider and Client. When the set time is over, the DJ dismantles the equipment and materials and removes them from the venue, following all safety protocols. If necessary, the Client will assist with keeping the visitors clear of the equipment while it is being dismantled/is in transport.
Special notice: In general, our DJ will not use strobe lighting or equipment that generates heat (the lights used are LED based). However, related hazards have been included above for events in which such equipment is required.