Circus Skills Risk Assessment

HazardPeople at riskAction takenNotes
Falling and trippingPublic and staffTidy up props and equipment when not in use. Ask public to put things back when finished with them. Always supervise use of props and equipment. Do not bring out too much equipment to manageOrganisers must provide an enclosed area at public events
Injuries caused by falling off equipmentParticipantsDo not use unicycles, strap on stilts, wobble boards and tight wires without prior consent at public events. Closely supervise these activities if usedPermission must be given before using equipment. Learning to ride a unicycle involves continuous falling off until balance is found and so requires close supervision always
Cuts and burnsStaff and publicSupervise equipment use so it is used correctly. Do not include fire juggling or knife juggling in workshops
Being knocked overSmaller childrenAvoid overcrowding. Make sure each person has sufficient space to use the equipment. Children must be supervised by an adult. Do not permit small children and older children / teenagers / adults to take part at the same timeHave different sessions according to age groups