Balloon Modelling Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Balloon Modeller Risk Assessment
Hazard People at risk Action taken Notes
Choking on latex from burst balloons Younger Children Do not give balloons directly to children under three (give to parent or guardian). Tell children not to put balloons in their mouths. Do not inflate by mouth as children may copy. Pick up and safely dispose of burst balloons Parents are responsible for supervising their children when playing with balloons
Damaged ear drums People very close when a balloon pops Keep a clear space between the balloon modeller and spectators. Do not inflate balloons close to people’s ears.
Internal ruptures caused by inflating balloons by mouth Balloon Modeller Always use a balloon pump to inflate balloons There is serious danger of injury by inflating balloons by mouth. This practice is not recommended by manufacturers
Child being poked in the face with a balloon pump Smaller children Keep a clear space between the balloon modeller and children. Do not inflate balloons close to the faces of children
Balloon Modeller Method Statement
Equipment and materials Method
Equipment materials
Balloons for modelling
Balloon pump
Balloon belt
The balloon modeller arrives at the venue already prepared with their balloon belt (containing new balloons to inflate later) and balloon pump. They stand in the area designated by the client or walk about the venue, depending on the event requirements. Children may approach the balloon modeller to receive a balloon model. The balloon modeller inflates the balloon using the balloon pump, following all health and safety protocol as recommended by the manufacturer and in the risk assessment. Inflation may take place in stages with pauses for balloon twisting procedure. The balloon is twisted into shape by the balloon modeller and, upon completion, handed to the child who can play with and keep the balloon model. The balloon modeller then begins this process again for another child. When the booking contract duration is over, the balloon modeller vacates the venue with their balloon belt, left-over un-inflated balloons, and balloon pump.