Balloon Arch Risk Assessment and Method Statement

Balloon Arch Risk Assessment
Hazard People at risk Action taken Notes
Sprains, strains, broken bones due to arch falling over or separating Service provider, Client, Visitors Arch structure has a frame to prevent the structure from toppling. Balloon frame structure is lightweight. Balloon frame stands on secure metal base
Fright due to popping balloons Client, Visitors Balloon quality is durable to minimise popping. Balloon arch is built in an area away from sharp objects and risk of other objects falling on it
Falling down while building the arch Service provider Arch may be built without use of ladder. Only experienced service provider to build arch
Latex allergies Anyone with an allergy to latex Notice to be placed by workplace to indicate latex present at ‘said’ location
Balloon Arch Method Statement
Operation Equipment and materials Method
Balloon Arch assembly and dismantling Balloons, frame, string Ensure enough space is allocated to assemble the arch. Remove any sharp objects that may pop balloons. Carry out the task with due regard to the operative’s own safety and the safety of others. Secure the arch in place with fishing line if required