Science Parties

How do you know if there’ll be a Whole Lotta Fun at your kids party event? Because with JoJoFun you’ll have a professional children’s entertainer fully trained in the physics of fun!

Science and magic have a lot in common. The astounding ascents of adventure… The dizzying delight of discovery… and the sizzling sensation of surprise… all bringing fun, laughter, and lots of WOWs.

  • Kid science parties potion
    Kid science parties balloon

Enjoy Exciting Experiments…

Have you ever wondered what happens to a balloon when you pop it over a bottle that has vinegar and bicarbonate of soda? Or, what about if you stick an inflated balloon on a string and release the air? We’d be happy to show you and your guests how we can mix entertainment fun with magical science.

Each Science Entertainer brings their own unique experiments to your party (ask for details when you check availability online). A typical party may include exciting experiments such as: Rocket Balloon, Gas Inflate A Balloon, Pin Through Balloon, Lava Lamp, and Tie Die Milk.