Meet Jolene

Introducing our super-sensational, fantastically-funtabulous, delightfully-dazzling founder and director, Jolène Emery!

On this page, you’ll get to know the boundless imagination behind JoJoFun with 19 probing questions. On your marks, get set, go go JoJo!

1. What made you want to be a children’s entertainer?
I was always the adult sitting on the floor with the kids in a room where there were group gatherings. I naturally gravitated to their energy and wanted to play. I’ve always been passionate about playing games and having fun – especially in a group environment. It felt only natural when I had my first daughter to spend my days ‘playing’, so I thought to set up as a playmate for other children too.

2. What’s your earliest memory of entertaining others?
I would say my earliest memories of anything are of me being the clown. I couldn’t help myself – I loved making people laugh. The more they laughed, the more I wanted to make them laugh. This always gave me great pleasure – seeing people happy.

3. What’s your earliest memory of being entertained by a pro? What was it like?
When I was a child, it wasn’t common to have children’s entertainers at your birthday party. I remember meeting Santa a few times and loved his smiling, loving face and how we all lined up to see him. Apart from seeing him, the other entertainers I relished where on TV – Robin Williams, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, Three Stooges, Charlie Chaplin.

4. Who is your greatest inspiration in life?
My children.

5. Who is your greatest inspiration as an entertainer?
I have fallen in love with many professional entertainers that make people laugh over the years. I have been inspired by both Robin Williams and his true-life character representation, Patch Adams (aka Hunter Doherty). Hunter was dedicated to his dream of healing people first with laughter. I love his philosophy and his passion.

6. What do you most want to do in life?
There are many things I’d like to do and I plan on doing most of them. My biggest passion is learning to be myself. My second passion is to bring love and joy to the world in any capacity I can.

7. What is the high point of your career in entertainment so far?
Having had the chance to meet so many wonderful people from all over the place and sharing in the joy of their celebrations? For me, this is a wonderful gift.

8. What brings you the most joy in life?
My family definitely. I have 2 daughters; one 13 years old and the other 6 years old. Both bring me so much joy. I love how they absorb life and reflect it back through their perspectives and I love watching them simply be.

9. What brings you the most joy in JoJoFun?
Connecting fun-makers with people who would like to have fun. I love that JoJoFun represents bringing fun to people. I also personally love being the one who does this. I love looking into the eyes of a child, connecting with the child and both of us bursting into laughter.

10. What skills did you need to learn to be an entertainer?
I don’t think one can just be an entertainer by picking up the skills of their trade. They have to have a special gift of connecting to their audience. This is not something you can learn. It’s all about your energy. If this is in place, I believe the skills depend on what interests you in sharing with your audience, from singing to dancing to balloon modelling, to clowning. That would be up to the entertainer.

11. What do you hope others get from your work?
Pure and simple fun. That’s it.

12. How long have you been entertaining?
I have been entertaining for 14 years now. In a way, it feels like only yesterday and on the other hand, I’ve grown so much with my experiences, that there’s no way it was only yesterday.

13. What are your most memorable moments from entertaining?
I often remember little ones gathering around me and seeing the awe of surprise in their faces. I remember how they gather around me and get closer and closer until they sit on my lap. The fun is that fun, you have to sit on it! haha.

My favourite story to tell, of course, is being flown into Abu Dhabi to entertain a princess on her 5th birthday accompanied by my family for a 10 day holiday courtesy of the Royal Family. That was amazing. The experience from start to finish was incredible.

14. How do you see the children’s entertainment industry of today?
The industry itself offers volumes of variety of entertainment because their is a requirement for it. Ultimately, our clients seek this out because they want to provide ultimate fun for kids. This is truly wonderful. Ways that the industry can be improved is by having industry standards and testing of skills sets. Like other trades, you need to pass in order to have your certifications, why not in specific skills for entertaining?

15. What is your place within the children’s entertainment industry?
JoJoFun have a really high standard. We want to deliver the best entertainment to our clients and as such over the 14 years JoJoFun has been in operation, it has become a leader of children’s entertainment. In this time, JoJoFun has gained an understanding of what the requirements are for entertaining, how to screen entertainers, how to ensure all credibility is in place and how to lead an ever-changing demand for children’s entertainment.

16. In 100 years, what would you like to be remembered for as a person?
I would like to be remembered for bringing a shift in humanity through fun and love.

17. In 100 years, what would you like to be remembered for in the children’s entertainment industry?
Establishing standards and a hallmark for bringing fun to children and adults.

18. What do you do for fun?
I love learning about the world and myself. I love spending time with friends and socialising. I love cycling, walking the dog, playing games, birthday, reading, planning…

19. What’s your most favourite place?
On a warm beach.