For your booking to be amazing, we require you to follow these guidelines:

1. Bouncy Castle guidelines

2. Bubble Show guidelines

3. Mascot guidelines

For bouncy castle bookings, we require the following to make this service amazing:

  • Bouncy castle hire is for up to 6 hours, so organize your event with this timing in mind
  • To ensure the safety of the children, a responsible adult must supervise bouncy castle activities at all times
  • Depending on the bouncy castle size, a rule of thumb is to have no more than 6 – 8 children on a bouncy castle at one time
  • Please follow our complete Bouncy Castle Safety Instructions online at When you hire a bouncy castle with JoJoFun, you are assumed to be in agreement with the safety instruction detailed on this webpage

For bubble shows, we require the following to make this show amazing:

  • Dedicated parking required for the Bubble Performers due to large volume of heavy equipment
  • 25 minutes setup time and 25 minutes take-down time
  • Show is suitable for up to 30 children in terms of making sure all children get into a large bubble. If you have more than 30 children attending, be sure to confirm this with us first
  • Space needed for the show is 3m x 3m (3m x 4m is ideal) which will be protected by waterproof covers
  • Access to an electrical outlet
  • Ceilings to be no less that 8 ft in height for maximum bubble show performance
  • Turn off air-conditioning/fan (heating or cooling) as this affects the bubble performance
  • Preferable to have a wall behind the staging area of the Bubble Show
  • Depending on whether your show is indoors or outdoors DOES affect the performance of the bubbles. There is more control against weather elements when indoors.

For mascot bookings, we require the following to make this appearance amazing:

  • Its great to have music playing during your mascot(s) appearance so the mascot can dance with the kids and bring that extra wow-factor
  • Please have an allocated change space away from your guests for your artiste to change in and out of the costume
  • Have a guide ready to take your mascot from the change area to the entertainment area and back again for breaks or completion of entertainment
  • Please feel free to lead the mascot to take group pics and/or selfies with them! Just invite your character to come take a pic with you!
  • In order to not dispel the fantasy of the MASCOT CHARACTER, the mascots do not speak or sing. This is to prevent the children being confused by their idea of what the character sounds like.
  • *BREAKS* PLEASE NOTE… It can be very hot and airless within the mascot costumes and big heads. For this reason air breaks need to be allocated to the mascot entertainer during their booking. These don’t have to be long, but are necessary to prevent fainting and overheating. In most cases, a 3 or 4 minute ‘AIR’ break will be required every 30 mins of Mascot Entertainment time. The Mascot Entertainer must be out of sight from children to take the mascot head off. See below suggested timings for breaks based on your booked time frame:
    • 30 minutes – 1 x 3 minute break (dependent on venue/outdoor temperature and air quality! Not always required within 30 mins)
    • 45 minutes – 1 to 2 x 3 minute break
    • 1 hour – 2 x 3 minute breaks or 1 x 5 minute break
    • If bookings are longer, allocated break times will be suggested