Entertainer Roles

The Works™ Roles

Entertainers delivering The Works™ are advised that The Works™ always includes Music, Games, Balloon Modelling, and Magic – unless a client has requested a particular activity be omitted.

Main Entertainer Roles

As the Main Entertainer it is your responsibility to call the client 4-6 days before the event.

Although some clients may have specific activities that JoJoFun offers in mind, encourage flexibility. Use your creativity and experience to suggest options in line with spontaneity and the possible changing dynamics of the party. Often time’s clients are nervous and appreciate the reassurance that you will make sure that the children have fun. After you have spoken to your client contact your assistant entertainer.

Clarifications around the terms Main Entertainer and Assistant entertainer.

The term Main Entertainer and Assistant Entertainer is given online when clients book more than one entertainer. As a company our aim is to bring the best of both entertainers skill sets to the event.

For Clarity it is easier for One person (Main Entertainer) to take the lead in terms of speaking to the client and feeding back to the assistant entertainer. However the Assistant Entertainer may be just as experienced as the Main Entertainer.

You are a Fabulous Entertainer because you have great people skills. Use your people skills when working alongside other entertainers. Enjoy, have fun, share ideas and use this opportunity to learn and grow.

Below are some suggestions on how two entertainers may work together:

It may take two entertainers to engage the children in games, puppets and sing along.

One entertainer may provide a Magic show while the other balloon models or face paints.

With such a talented group of entertainers we have working here at JoJoFun, the possibilities are endless.

We understand that although entertaining can be a wonderful Job, entertaining children can also, at times, present challenges. Remember we are here to support you in your endeavour to be the best entertainer you can be! Contact us any time for assistance.

Assistant Entertainer Roles

The main Entertainer will contact you before the party. The main entertainer will be aware that you may be just as experienced as them. This has been outlined in our “Clarifications around terms Main and Assistant Entertainers sections.” Have fun developing a way of working together that maximises the potential of both of your skill sets.