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JoJoFun’s Funtabulous 2018 MENU

The possibilities are endless…

Entertainers offering 'The Works™' with Music Games Balloon Modelling Magic Bubbles and Oodles of Fun!!

1 Entertainer for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 1.5 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 2 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 2.5 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 3 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 3.5 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer for 4 hours£400 (+VAT)
One entertainer will engage your guests spontaneously with all the elements of The Works™, going with the flow of the children to ensure your guests have a crazy, fun, amazing time!

The Works™ can be delivered with your chosen Party Theme for a £10 (+VAT) additional fee.


Assistant Entertainers offering a fun and energetic hand to the main entertainer

1 Assistant Entertainer for 1 hour£120 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 1.5 hours£150 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 2 hours£180 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 2.5 hours£210 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 3 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 3.5 hours£270 (+VAT)
1 Assistant Entertainer for 4 hours£300 (+VAT)
Hire our assistant entertainers to assist ‘main entertainers’ for those events with more than 20-25 children!


Host Parties bringing exciting party games and activities to your celebration

1 Host Party for 1 hour£120 (+VAT)
1 Host Party for 1.5 hours£160 (+VAT)
1 Host Party for 2 hours£200 (+VAT)
Our professional party hosts deliver a roaring good time to your little guests


Party Packages bringing a whole lotta fun to your celebration with professionally selected entertainment and services

The Works™ Glee Spree Party Package (25 children) – 1 hr£300 (+VAT) *
The Works™ Classic Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£560 (+VAT) *
The Works™ Blaster Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£740 (+VAT) *
The Works™ Platinum Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£1550 (+VAT) *
The Works™ Supreme Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£2025 (+VAT) *
The Host Glee Spree Party Package (25 children) – 1 hr£260 (+VAT)
The Host Classic Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£TBC (+VAT)
The Host Blaster Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£TBC (+VAT)
The Host Platinum Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£1300 (+VAT)
The Host Supreme Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£1750 (+VAT)
Mascot Party Package – 30 mins£270 (+VAT)
Balloon Workshop Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£380 (+VAT)
Circus Workshop Party Package (25 children) – 2 hrs£650 (+VAT)
* Add a party theme for £10 (+VAT)

Ensure all your guests get the maximum party experience with our tried and tested packages


Face Painters offering Professional Face Painting

1 Face Painter for 1 hour£100 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 1.5 hours£140 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 2 hours£180 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 2.5 hours£220 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 3 hours£260 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 3.5 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Face Painter for 4 hours£340 (+VAT)
1 Master Face Painter for 2 hours£200 (plus £80 every hour thereafter) (+VAT)
1 Master Face Painter for evening and nighttime workas above plus £50 (+VAT)
* Face Painting is a one on one activity and as such, requires consideration regarding the number of children and duration of party. Generally, one face painter can paint 12 - 15 faces per hour.*


Balloon Modellers/Twisters offering Professional Balloon Modelling

1 Balloon Modeller for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 1.5 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 2 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 2.5 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 3 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 3.5 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 4 hours£400 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modeller for 5 hours£460 (+VAT)
Dazzling and delightful, twisted creations - from spiders to swords to ducks to lions and eccentric hats!


Balloon Modelling Workshops Hands-on Balloon Modelling Workshop with a professional Balloon Modeller

1 Balloon Modelling Workshop for 1 hour£170 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modelling Workshop for 1.5 hours£210 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modelling Workshop for 2 hours£250 (+VAT)
1 Balloon Modelling Workshop for 2.5 hours£290 (+VAT)
All pumps and balloons supplied for a great time 'creating' (260q Modelling Balloons and 20 - 25 balloon pumps).


Magicians offering dazzling, amazing professional magic

1 Magician for 1 hour£210 (+VAT)
1 Magician for 1.5 hours£250 (+VAT)
1 Magician for 2 hours£290 (+VAT)
1 Master Magician for 1 hourfrom £300 (+VAT) *
1 Master Magician for 1.5 hoursfrom £350 (+VAT) *
1 Master Magician for 2 hoursfrom £400 (+VAT) *
We have a variety of different magicians, from close-up, to walkabout magicians and others who put on full non-stop shows for you. Rates vary depending on requirements.

* Master Magician rates are subject to availability. We will quote you the current rate for your event date.


Puppet Shows bringing a fun and magical puppet show to your event

Puppet shows run for a maximum of 20 mins and can be added into your minimum 1 hour long Entertainment package as follows...

1 hour = Puppet Show (20 mins) + Entertainment (40 mins)£220 (+VAT)
1.5 hrs = Puppet Show (20 mins) + Entertainment (70 mins)£250 (+VAT)
2 hours = Puppet Show (20 mins) + Entertainment (100 mins)£280 (+VAT)
Puppet Shows engage a child's imagination, delighting and entertaining them with characters and stories. The Entertainment can include games, music, balloon modelling, bubbles & magic depending on the length of the booking.


Mascots offering manned mascot fun at party events

1 Mascot (Manned) for 30 minutes£100 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 1 hour£180 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 1.5 hours£250 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 2 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 2.5 hours£350 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 3 hours£400 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 3.5 hours£420 (+VAT)
1 Mascot (Manned) for 4 hours£450 (+VAT)
1 Specialist Mascot (Manned) for 45 minutes£215 (+VAT)
Many Manned Mascots available including Mickey Mouse, Superheroes, Olaf, and the Easter Bunny.


Costumed Character Appearances meeting and greeting your party guests

1 Costumed Character Appearance for 30 minutes£100 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 1 hour£180 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 1.5 hours£250 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 2 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 2.5 hours £350 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 3 hours£400 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 3.5 hours£420 (+VAT)
1 Costumed Character Appearance for 4 hours£450 (+VAT)
Invite popular characters to your celebration! Superman, Frozen's Anna and Elsa, Princess Leia and many more available.


Bubble Show Entertainer bringing brilliant bubbly fun to your party

1 Bubble Show Entertainer for 30m£200 (+VAT)
1 Bubble Show Entertainer for 1 hour£250 (+VAT)
1 Bubble Show Entertainer for 1.5 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Bubble Show Entertainer for 2 hours (kids make bubbles)£375 (+VAT)
Party guests bubble over with joy as they take part in funtabulous games and exciting experiments.


Ballerina Entertainers delighting the children with ballet-themed activities

1 Ballerina Entertainer for 1 hour£200 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 1.5 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 2 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 2.5 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 3 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 3.5 hours£400 (+VAT)
1 Ballerina Entertainer for 4 hours£440 (+VAT)

Kids will love taking part in the ballet with party games incorporating Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and more.


Caricature Artist offering Professional Caricature Artwork at your event

1 Caricature Artist for 1 hour£250 (+VAT)
1 Caricature Artist for 2 hours£375 (+VAT)
1 Caricature Artist for 3 hours£500 (+VAT)
1 Caricature Artist for 4 hours£625 (+VAT)

Remember your special day with unique caricatures of your guests!


Stilt Walkers offering Wacky Walk About Entertainment

1 Stilt Walker for 30 minutes£140 (+VAT)
1 Stilt Walker for 45 minutes£160 (+VAT)
1 Stilt Walker for 1 hour£180 (+VAT)
1 Stilt Walker for 2 x 45 mins£240 (+VAT)
1 Stilt Walker for 3 x 45 mins£300 (+VAT)

Enjoy dizzying heights of fun!


Circus Entertainer offering a funtabulous Circus Workshop

1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 1 hour£180 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 1.5 hours£220 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 2 hours£260 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 2.5 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 3 hours£340 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 3.5 hours£380 (+VAT)
1 Circus Entertainer (Workshop) for 4 hours£420 (+VAT)

Be part of the entertainment with our Circus Workshop!


Santa offering festive fun

1 Santa for 1 hour£200 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 1.5 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 2 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 2.5 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 3 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 3.5 hours£400 (+VAT)
1 Santa for 4 hours£440 (+VAT)

Ho ho ho! JoJoFun's sensational Santa brings a whole lotta festive fun to you!

* Santa prices are subject to availability. Please note that the rate we will quote you will reflect availability at the time of confirmation, and is subject to change closer to the event date. We therefore recommend booking early to secure your quoted entertainer fee.


Entertainer Elves offering professional party entertainment

1 Entertainer Elf for 1 hour£170 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 1.5 hours£210 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 2 hours£250 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 2.5 hours£290 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 3 hours£330 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 3.5 hours£370 (+VAT)
1 Entertainer Elf for 4 hours£410 (+VAT)

Where there's Santa, his helpful elves are nearby! JoJoFun's Entertainer Elves provide special entertainment at Christmas events.


Emcees offering a professional emcee service

1 Emcee for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 1.5 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 2 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 2.5 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 3 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 3.5 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Emcee for 4 hours£400 (+VAT)

Facilitate your party with ease with one of our professional Emcees.


Disco DJs offering professional DJing

1 Disco DJ for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 1.5 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 2 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 2.5 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 3 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 3.5 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Disco DJ for 4 hours£400 (+VAT)

Raise the roof to spectular heights with our super children's party Disco DJs!


Jugglers offering all kinds of juggling fun

1 Juggler for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 1.5 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 2 hours£240 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 2.5 hours£280 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 3 hours£320 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 3.5 hours£360 (+VAT)
1 Juggler for 4 hours£400 (+VAT)

Enjoy dazzling mad skills from JoJoFun's Jugglers!


Fire Entertainers offering Professional & Safe Fire Entertainment

1 Fire Performer for 15 minutes£200 (+VAT)
1 Fire Performer for 2 x 15 minute shows£250 (+VAT)
1 Fire Performer for 1 hour of fire + entertainment£300 (+VAT)
Don't try this at home, kids! Funtabulous and thrilling Fire Entertainment is an incredible sight to see!


Photographers professionally capturing memories of your event

1 Photographer for 1 hour£160 (+VAT)
1 Photographer for 2 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Photographer for 3 hours£300 (+VAT)
1 Photographer for 4 hours£395 (+VAT)


Art Workshop bringing creative and 'crafty' fun to your event

1 Art Workshop - Mosaics Age 4 to 8£220 (+VAT)
1 Art Workshop - Mosaics Age 9 plus£355 (+VAT)
1 Art Workshop - Junk Jewellery£265 (+VAT)
1 Art Workshop - Creature Canvas£275 (+VAT)

Children make their very own works of art in these workshops by our pro art workshop leader.


Cream of the Crop Masters in their Fields

Master Magician for 1 hourfrom £300 (+VAT) *
Master Magician for 1.5 hoursfrom £350 (+VAT) *
Master Magician for 2 hoursfrom £400 (+VAT) *

1 Master Face Painter for 2 hours£200 (plus £80 every hour thereafter) (+VAT)
1 Master Face Painter for evening and nighttime workas above plus £50 (+VAT)

Invite the very best of the best to your celebration.

* Master Magician rates are subject to availability. We will quote you the current rate for your event date.


Extras additional fun for your celebration

1 Candy Floss Cart 1 hour£130 (+VAT)
1 Candy Floss Cart 1.5 hours£150 (+VAT)
1 Candy Floss Cart 2 hours£160 (+VAT)
1 Candy Floss Cart 2.5 hours£180 (+VAT)
1 Candy Floss Cart 3 hours£200 (+VAT)
1 Candy Floss Cart 3.5 hours£220 (+VAT)
1 Chocolate Fountain 2 hours (25-50 guests)£230 (+VAT)
1 Chocolate Fountain 3 hours (25-50 guests)£250 (+VAT)
1 Chocolate Fountain 2 hours (100 guests)£270 (+VAT)
1 Chocolate Fountain 3 hours (100 guests)£300 (+VAT)
1 Slush Puppy Machine for 2 hours (25-50 guests)£180 (+VAT)
1 Slush Puppy Machine for 3 hours (25-50 guests)£200 (+VAT)
1 Slush Puppy Machine for 2 hours (100-125 guests)£250 (+VAT)
1 Slush Puppy Machine for 3 hours (100-125 guests)£275 (+VAT)
Toddlers Tables and Chairs 25 chairs + 4 tables£150 (+ £50 delivery and pick-up) (+VAT)
Additional Toddlers Tables£10 per table (+VAT)
Additional Toddlers Chairs£3.60 per chair (+VAT)
Party Bags£5.00 plus £12 delivery (+VAT)
Bouncy Castlesfrom £150 (+VAT)
Soft Play - Small - 20 Pieces£170 (+VAT)
Soft Play - Deluxe - 40 Pieces£210 (+VAT)


Balloon Decorations adding spectacular decor to your party venue

London Balloon Decorations Pricing

Cornwall Balloon Decorations Pricing

For further information, please email or telephone 07743 196691.

Note: Balloon Decorations fee may include refundable deposits for balloon frames if required.

Visit our balloon decorations page for more info


Bouncy Castles for funtabulous outdoor events

Bouncy Castle pricing starts at £150 (+VAT). Please enquire for availability and a quote.

Visit our Bouncy Castle page for more info


Soft Play for great hands-on fun

Small Soft Play - 20 Pieces - includes a variety of Shapes, Slides, Tunnels and a Ball Pond£170 (+VAT)
Deluxe Soft Play - 40 Pieces - includes a variety of Shapes, Slides, Tunnels and a Ball Pond£210 (+VAT)

Visit our Soft Play page for more info


Birthday Cakes and Treats professionally prepared and delicious!

Decorative Birthday CakesFrom £40 to £70* (+VAT)
Children’s Novelty CakesFrom £55 to £220* (+VAT)
CupcakesFrom £1.50(+VAT) * per cupcake
MacaronsFrom £1.50 (+VAT) * per macaron

* Prices are estimates based on average requirements. Please contact us with your requirements for a quote. We will be able to provide you with a quote within 48 hours (2 business days).

Visit our Cakes and Treats page for more info


Catering yummy party food

Children's Party Food Box: Includes yummy party food options such as: Sandwiches, Cold Pressed Fruit and Vegetable Juice, Sweet 'n' Salty Popcorn, and Flapjacks.

From £10 (+VAT)


Other Entertainers Story tellers, Acrobats, Free Runners, Traditional Clowns… Note: For a complete overview of our booking procedure, visit our How it Works page.

The max available entertainment time range is 1 – 4 hours (mascots and walk-about characters start at 30 minutes, Fire Performers start at 15 minutes). If you require entertainment for a longer duration or less, please enquire by phone on 07743 196691 or email

Travel fees may be applied depending on your location relative to Central London.

Entertainers and service providers may be entitled to a break during longer events. Please visit our Entertainer Breaks page to find out break duration details.


“We all thought you were very very good and we all enjoyed ourselves very much. The children all really liked you. We will definitely see you again next year. Thank you for all of your hard work planning the party, the games, decorations, party take home bags, activities and party bags. Everything was superb.” (entertained while in the company of Her Highness wife of Sheikh Zayed Al Nahayan, Her Highness wife of Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, Her Highness wife of Sheikh Tahnoon bin Sayeed), Abu Dhabi, UAE


“From initial contact to the end of the event, Jolene was professional, committed, flexible and proved herself as a truly great find. Her ‘unflappable’ attitude as children’s numbers spiralled at the last minute to around 50 at our summer BBQ was remarkable, and the feedback has all been positive. The games and activities she chose made sure that despite the age ranges of the children everyone was entertained, which was particularly important to me as the event organiser. I would recommend JoJo’s services to anyone who wants a hastle free party or event, value for money and above all the children to be occupied and having fun! What more could you ask for?” Ray Waldock, Head of Concierge Service, Wizz2u

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